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We’ve partnered with The Salvation Army this year for a Christmas Toy Drive – Sharing with The Shield! Bring or ship new, unopened toys for children ages birth-2 years and 9-12 years to FMRT Offices located in Asheville, Charlotte, Greenville, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem by December 14th!  Lend a hand in ‘Sharing with The Shield’ this holiday season!

Maximizing Mental and Physical Wellness During the Holidays

Maximizing mental and physical wellness as person sits relaxed by the fireplace with warm socks on feet

INSIGHTS FROM OUR CEO First, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! It’s that time of year again, to celebrate, reflect, and welcome new opportunities in the New Year.  It’s also a couple of months that seem to pass by in a flash when we’re expected to do, be and buy – do the holiday cards, be at all […]

The Importance of Assessments

INSIGHTS FROM OUR CEO We understand how psychological standards are defined in the industry – a battery of assessments with a clinical interview is used to determine suitability. This is why the assessment portion is vital for the candidate to complete at least 48 hours before their appointment with FMRT. Our psychologists need time to review […]

How to Prepare Your Candidate for an FMRT Appointment

INSIGHTS FROM OUR CEO When you are ready to schedule your candidate with FMRT for their Pre-Employment Psychological and/or Medical Evaluations, these are the items you and your candidates need to know: Scheduling: Option A: Employer point of contact calls 336-761-0764 or sends an email request to admin1@fmrt.org.   Option B: Employer point of contact emails the candidate(s) and […]

FMRT Offerings and updates

INSIGHTS FROM OUR CEO July has been a busy month for everyone. We celebrated our Independence at the beginning of the month for our nation, and FMRT finished the month by attending the NC Sheriff’s Association in Asheville, NC, and the NC Police Executives Association in Wilmington, NC.   We are known for providing a one-stop […]

Psych Evaluations for Telecommunicators

INSIGHTS FROM OUR CEO Reminding us to believe that things will work out for our greater good. Mothers in Crisis, a not-for-profit designated this day in 1991, and their in At FMRT we recommend that anyone in a safety-sensitive environment should have a psychological evaluation before being hired, even if it’s not a law or […]

April is the Month of Hope

INSIGHTS FROM OUR CEO Reminding us to believe that things will work out for our greater good. Mothers in Crisis, a not-for-profit designated this day in 1991, and their intervention and drug rehabilitation program, along with their hope campaigns, encourage families dealing with addiction to share their stories of hope for healing. From the old […]

Celebrating Women’s History Month

INSIGHTS FROM OUR CEO March is International Women’s History Month and we want to celebrate all of our phenomenal female leaders in public safety. We appreciate all the sacrifices you make for our communities and your contributions in the fight for gender equality. Although we are several decades beyond the first women in public safety, […]

Operation Mental Wellness

AN UPDATE FROM OUR CEO The FMRT Group is developing a whole-person wellness program, designed to fit the needs of public-safety employees. We want to continue to support our North and South Carolina departments with both mental and physical health.  To design this program to best fit your needs, we would like input from you! […]

Frequently Asked Questions

INSIGHTS FROM OUR CEO We are grateful for the opportunity to assist several new clients this month, and we wanted to share helpful information about the FMRT scheduling processes based on questions we’ve received.  What is a licensed psychologist? A licensed psychologist is a doctoral-level psychologist. FMRT psychologists are licensed and follow the professional practice and […]

Happy New Year!

INSIGHTS FROM OUR CEO As we approach 2022, we’ve taken time to reflect on the past year, assess what we have learned, and discuss how we will continue to improve this year. During this period of reflection, we remember that we would not be in our seventeenth year of business without our staff, clinicians, and […]

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