In 2005, we recognized a growing need for pre-hire and post-hire psychological and medical services among North Carolina public safety departments. We saw an opportunity to help streamline the hiring and post-hire needs for these departments, and The FMRT Group began.

Today, The FMRT Group includes a multi-disciplined staff and licensed doctoral-level psychologists, overseen by a board-certified police and public safety psychologist,  along with advanced practice medical professionals who proudly serve safety-sensitive employers.

Management Team Members (left to right): Jennifer Tharpe (COO), Dr. John Warren (President), and Elizabeth Morris (CEO).


To set the standards for safety-sensitive employers when it comes to assessing psychological and medical suitability.


The FMRT Group seeks to provide its clients with the ability to make the most informed hiring decision possible, and to maximize their human capital investment post hire. Through a combination of providing world class psychological services, of having deep industry knowledge and cultural awareness, and through constant learning, The FMRT Group will deliver safety-sensitive employers unmatched levels of service, information, and support. This will make The FMRT Group the clear choice when employers seek to hire and retain personnel that hold a position of authority.

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