pOST-hire services

At The FMRT Group, we support our safety-sensitive departments by providing post-hire services that assist both the employer and employees throughout their career.
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“We are very pleased with the ease of scheduling and are always grateful for the staff’s forbearance with us when we have immediate needs to schedule someone after an emergent incident.”

Fitness-for-Duty Evaluations

Fitness- for-Duty evaluations are performed on behalf of the employer, and are needed when an employee has experienced job-related problems due to:

1. Medical, psychological, or behavioral difficulties, and/or
2. The desire to return to work after an extended (non-FMLA) leave or short-term disability.

Evaluations are immediately scheduled based on departmental needs.
“Fit/Not Fit” feedback to agency is provided after psychological testing and interview.

Return-to-work evaluations

A number of FMRT’s client agencies have Return-to-Work/Duty evaluations as part of their standard protocol. We encourage agencies to be able to offer all returning vets this service.

Following a similar format as Officer Involved Shooting/Critical Incident appointments, we view these sessions as a service to the employee, and an opportunity to educate and inform about adjustment issues and avenues for help.

These are not Fitness-for-Duty evaluations because there are no work-related problems to address if the vet has not returned to work. “Completed/Did Not Complete” is the feedback to agency.

Special Teams Evaluations

 The FMRT Group provides customized psychological evaluations for tactical, undercover, or other special teams.  These evaluations are designed to explore particular intellectual, work ethic, and personality characteristics demanded by the special assignment.

Peer Support Evaluations and Implementation

In accordance with the 2011 IACP Psychological Services Peer Support Guidelines, The FMRT Group supports the department with implementation, evaluation of prospective members, and on-going training.  The FMRT Group clinicians are available when the needs go beyond the roles of the peer support team members. 

Annual Psychological Evaluations

FMRT psychologists assess on-going suitability for the position, which may include special teams. The clinician will identify any barriers to the continued assignment. The employer will receive a final report describing any found behavioral, cognitive, psychological, and/or substance abuse barriers to the employee’s continued suitability to his or her position. 

Promotional Evaluations

The FMRT Group’s licensed clinicians review referral information and any performance or assessment center data, then assesses candidate background histories, cognitive abilities, interpersonal skills, and leadership abilities. The assessments focus on “psychological” factors as opposed to the supervisory, training and/or management style factors.

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