Pre-hire services

The FMRT provides exceptional customer service. For every service we will:

  • Schedule applicants in a timely fashion
  • Provide authorized persons with a same-day verbal recommendation
  • Deliver reports to your secure, online administrative account via FMRT Online within five to seven business days
Pre-Conditional Offer Screening Evaluations

Pre-conditional offer screening evaluations can be done independently of a comprehensive psychological evaluation. Screenings are a tool that is typically implemented at the beginning of the hiring process to help employers select-in the best candidates to move forward. Screenings are not psychological evaluations, and will not provide a comprehensive.

Online Personal History Statement (PHS)

The FMRT Group supports safety-sensitive departments by providing a free online version of the Personal History Questionnaire (PHS).

  • The online PHS is identical to the paper versions
  • It is fully interactive with our proprietary FMRT BRAINS™ Assessment
  • It adds biographical knowledge to the public-safety screening process
  • It is FREE
  • Applicants have the option to save and store their PHS for later editing at no cost to the agency
  • Each applicant’s PHS is immediately available to the hiring agency and a one-time copy is sent to the applicant-provided email address

The FMRT BRAINS™ Assessment

The online FMRT Biographical Risks And INconsistencieS (BRAINS™) Assessment is a cost-effective, ADA-, Title VII-, and GINA-compliant questionnaire used to gather historical data to support agencies’ early hiring process. The FMRT BRAINS™ Assessment is specifically designed to empower employment interviews and background investigations by identifying commonplace  to very serious historical life events. Find out more by visiting The FMRT BRAINS™ Assessment information site:

screening evaluations

The FMRT screening evaluations are a “blind” (no direct psychologist-applicant contact) review of information by FMRT.   Screening evaluation reports are always derived from biographical historical information (PHS and BRAINS Assessment data), and from the results of a test of “normal” personality.

Reading and intellectual abilities are inferred from PHS and BRAINS results and, in most cases, from the results of standardized reading tests (Nelson-Denny Reading Test or Tests of Adult Basic Education).

As with all research and predictive endeavors, screening evaluations have an “error rate.”  Screening evaluation errors can occur even with the best of available information about applicants at the particular time of their screening.

Post-Conditional Offer Evaluations

Psychological Evaluations

FMRT psychological evaluations are conducted by licensed doctoral-level psychologists with a thorough understanding of safety-sensitive job requirements. Evaluations follow IACP Psychological Services Section guidelines and assess background risk factors, cognitive abilities, writing skills abilities, and personality factors. Results are provided in standardized, comprehensive reports written to inform the reader about the strengths, weaknesses, and psychological suitability of the applicant.

Post-Conditional Offer Medical Exams and drug screens

Our medical exams are performed by clinicians who understand public-safety needs. Examiners review the specific job functions and relay any potential medical barriers that may preclude an applicant from employment based on state guidelines. Medical results are summarized in a comprehensive online report,  accompanied by the authorized state forms. Medical exam may include drug screening and tuberculosis skin testing.

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