Expert Providers of Psychological and Medical Evaluations

The FMRT BRAINS™ Assessment

An informative, powerful, and economical online screening tool that helps employers make better hiring decisions

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Evaluations That Extend Beyond Public-Safety

Screening evaluations, post-conditional offer psychological evaluations and post-hire clincial services for human resources, health-care, education, departments of social services, and other safety-sensitive employers.

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Online Screening Evaluations for Safety-Sensitive Employers Nationwide

The FMRT BRAINS™ Assessment, in addition to personality assessment options, which include a data-driven screening report for employers to best assess candidate history and psychological suitability.

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Post-Hire Evaluations and Support Services

Providing comprehensive psychological and medical services for all safety-sensitive departments.

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Pre- and Post-Hire Evaluations, Support, and Training Services for Public Safety Departments and Other Safety-Sensitive Employers

Our culturally-aware team of licensed psychologists and advanced practice medical professionals provide pre-hire psychological and medical evaluations for law enforcement and other safety-sensitive occupations.

We also provide post-hire psychological and medical services, training, and support to
more than 480 safety-sensitive agencies. The FMRT Group has eight easily accessible offices throughout North and South Carolina. Online telepsych services are available nationwide.

The FMRT Group is the expert when it comes to safety-sensitive psychological and medical standards.

Call 336.761.0764  to learn more about our services or to schedule an evaluation.

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