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How to Prepare Your Candidate for an FMRT Appointment


When you are ready to schedule your candidate with FMRT for their Pre-Employment Psychological and/or Medical Evaluations, these are the items you and your candidates need to know:


  • Option A: Employer point of contact calls 336-761-0764 or sends an email request to admin1@fmrt.org.  
  • Option B: Employer point of contact emails the candidate(s) and FMRT to inform the applicant to schedule their appointment. 

We’ve found that when the point of contact from the agency sends an email to the candidate(s) and copies FMRT, informing the applicant to call us to schedule, it keeps us all on the same page; versus hearing from an applicant who wants to schedule their appt without prior knowledge/approval from you as the employer. Here’s a suggested email that may be helpful:

Congratulations on making it this far in our hiring process. Your next step is to schedule your psychological (and medical) evaluation with The FMRT Group, which I’ve copied on this email. Contact them at admin1@fmrt.org or call 336.761.0764.

You are responsible for contacting FMRT immediately after receiving this email to schedule the first available appointment, which may be in an office further away from you, or virtually.

The expectation is that you contact FMRT staff to get scheduled promptly, so we can proceed with our hiring process and make the final hiring decision for this position.

  • Whether you choose Option A or B, our Client Support Coordinators will schedule your candidates promptly, typically within the week of the initial request or the following week. 
  • For N.C. LE:
    • Please email the candidate’s NC F-3 to admin1@fmrt.org if they have not completed the automated F-3 (www.ncf3.com). 
    • We recommend scheduling the candidate before the start of BLET (after a COE), if you are sponsoring them through the program. 
  • If the evaluation request is time-sensitive, we welcome this information in advance, including a scheduled recruiting process timeframe or pre-determined hire date.


  • The candidate will receive assessment instructions via email once the appointment has been scheduled. The candidate must complete these assessments ASAP to ensure the appointment is not rescheduled. 
  • Appointments will be rescheduled if assessments are not completed at least 48 hours before the scheduled evaluation. Our psychologists need time to review all the data before they evaluate the candidate. 

What to Expect Upon Arrival at FMRT Office:

  • FMRT will need a copy of the candidate’s driver’s license.
  • For a Medical Evaluation, the candidate should have a completed F-1 form to give to the FMRT staff upon arrival. Also, bring along any current prescriptions.
  • Additional forms and assessments are completed in the FMRT office. 

As always, remember to reach out to Donna@fmrt.org to request additional information about FMRT services and specific training pieces that may interest you. 


Elizabeth Morris, M.A.


Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 1011

Email: elizabeth@fmrt.org 

FMRT and Hanu Health

At The FMRT Group, we understand each person has unique stress biometric indicators, which is why we have a relationship with Hanu. Hanu Health has pioneered the most sophisticated wearable device on the market to provide continuous stress monitoring while providing scientifically-validated training protocols for enhancing stress resiliency tailored to the individual wearing the device.

Utilizing this device will increase an individual’s self-regulation and control during the most stressful circumstances, reducing on-duty mistakes, emotional regulation, and overall performance. 

We are asking for your level of interest and feedback about how this device would be helpful to your employees. We ask you to please take a brief moment to complete the short SurveyMonkey link below. We value your input. Thank you in advance for your time.


September is National Suicide Prevention Month

Fall Scheduling Information

As we welcome fall and FMRT continues to meet our scheduling and turnaround time promises, we welcome a heads-up if you have an unusual circumstance or any upcoming large group to schedule to determine if a designated day is warranted. 

Also, we are expanding to meet your needs. Last month we had two new team members join The FMRT Group family. Marla Fleming, our new Client Support Coordinator, and Avandi Flanagan, our new Clinical Administrator, are both based in our Winston-Salem office. If you have the opportunity to speak with either of them in the coming days, please be sure to welcome them aboard. 

We appreciate you all and are thankful to assist our phenomenal public safety departments!

Contact our Client Support Team Members to schedule your next psych and medical referrals: admin1@fmrt.org or call: 336-761-0764. 

FMRT Updates

Thank You for the Opportunity

Thank you to the following departments for your recent referrals:

  • NC Agencies: Cherokee County Emergency 911 Communications, Richmond County Schools, NC State Fairgrounds
  • SC Agencies: Spartanburg Communications 911

We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

We Want Your Feedback

Your feedback helps us improve our services and ensure we are meeting all client expectations. To help us make the best choices, we value your insight and want your feedback.
We thank you for your survey response and appreciate your input.
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