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Sharing Evaluation Information


Over the years, we’ve had many questions and conversations about applicants or other employers having access to an applicant’s psychological and medical report.

First, how is a psychological evaluation best defined? A post-conditional offer pre-employment psychological evaluation is a medical evaluation conducted by a doctoral-level licensed psychologist, through the use of assessment and interview, which is designed to measure a job candidate’s competencies, attitudes, traits and functioning to determine if the job candidate is psychologically suitable or psychologically qualified for the position or opportunity for which they are being evaluated.  

Applicant Access: We discourage departments from sharing the findings (suitable or not suitable) or final report with an applicant. These are work-related evaluations on behalf of the employer and not the candidate’s psychological evaluation. We don’t want them to have access to study should they have a future pre-employment evaluation with another department. However, from a non-clinical perspective, we understand the employers, specifically the recruiters’ quandary, when they’re asked by candidates if there’s an area they can improve. We know that most of the time, applicants are aware that it was either the psychological or medical evaluation that contributed to rescinding their employment offer.

Can FMRT psychologists provide feedback for employers to share and help an applicant become suitable in the future? Should evaluators share non-pathological issues? Our psychologists will address this topic during their virtual training on February 5th; if you’d like to email Elizabeth@fmrt.org, we want your input.

Sharing With Other Employers: Our position on providing reports with other departments is that it belongs to the referring employer. Of course, you may share the information with whomever you consider legally appropriate. If you decide to share the findings with another department, we recommend a new psychological evaluation for that agency’s candidate.

FMRT evaluators look at both static and long-standing issues and dynamic issues that can and do change with time. Another consideration is that some applicants may be suitable for certain employers and positions and not be suitable for others. Considerations along this line include job type, community, workload, department size, training caliber, et cetera.

Ultimately, we want to support you in finding psychologically and medically suitable individuals for safety-sensitive positions within your department, so let’s continue the conversation – let me hear from you!


Elizabeth Morris, M.A.


Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 1011

Email: elizabeth@fmrt.org 

FMRT Updates

2021-2022 Psychological and Medical Services Pricing

You will see a marginal price increase. We know that budgets are tight, so we continue to take the necessary steps to minimize increases when we’re able. Do keep in mind that we offer multi-year contracts, allowing for set prices for extended periods. Departments that have multi-year contracts before July 2021 are not affected by these price lists.

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Pre-Hire Psychological and Medical Services Price List

Post-Hire Psychological and Medical Services Price List

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