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Fire and Emergency Services


The 21st Century Fire and Emergency Services white paper developed by subject matter experts, the CPSE, and the ICME staff, outlines critical issues impacting government entities, including fire departments. The white paper provides initiatives that fire departments will need to consider to remain viable. 

White Paper

Below are proactive ways to address the increased mental health challenge(s) facing the fire and emergency service industry today and how FMRT’s public safety psychology and medical group can help:

1. Assess the psychological suitability of the candidate before hiring 
FMRT provides comprehensive psychological evaluations that include a battery of assessments, background information, and a clinical interview with a mental status examination. All performed by public safety psychologists to determine if the applicant is psychologically suitable for the specific safety-sensitive position.

2. Evaluate the ongoing psychological suitability of your employees
FMRT will perform annual, bi-annual, or every few year psychological evaluations. A report will be provided to you, including information about any psychological barriers to ongoing employment in their specific position. These are evaluations; however, specific medical information will not be disclosed.

3. Require annual wellness appointments for employees
This allows for 1:1 confidential time with a public safety psychologist. As the employer, you will know that they attended. This helps remove the stigma since everyone is required, and they’re informed that the information is privileged. 

Ongoing psychological evaluations – annual or beyond would be helpful in addition to the required wellness appointment option. This depends on whether the department wants an evaluation with a finding, a proactive appointment solely for the employee’s benefit, or both.

4. Develop a peer support team
FMRT will support the implementation, evaluation of members, and ongoing training based on the psychological first aid model. Peer support members provide proactive support for their colleagues when day-to-day stressors impact their behavior on the job, before a Fitness for Duty Evaluation may be required. They can be immediate support after a critical incident to help educate and navigate the next steps.

5. Support after a critical incident
FMRT will schedule your employee within 48-72 hours after an incident and have a 3-month follow-up, based on employer and employee needs. You will be informed of the employees’ attendance; however, this is a confidential opportunity for the individual. 

6. Do you need your local EAP trained in public safety?
FMRT will train your EAP group and make them more culturally-aware of the unique demands that fire and emergency service professionals face. When referrals go beyond their scope, or your employee wants to see a public safety psychologist, we can provide short-term counseling.


Elizabeth Morris, M.A.


Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 1011

Email: elizabeth@fmrt.org 

Our new episode of the Mind Matters podcast launches this Friday, March 1st. Join us for a conversation with your host Elizabeth and our Business Development Specialist, Izak Zulkowski. We discuss the origins of The FMRT Group and the importance of mental wellness for public safety professionals. You can find the podcast on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, iHeart, Tune-In, and more. We’re incredibly excited for the opportunity to share the insightful conversations that we’re having with leading experts in their fields. If you’re interested in joining me as a guest, I’d love to hear from you, and so would our audience. Reach out to me or Izak at izak@fmrt.org. 

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New Client Employers!

We want to welcome our newest clients: Laurens County Sheriff’s Office and Fountain Inn Police Department in South Carolina. Thank you also to Tabor City Police Department in North Carolina for their trust and confidence in our professional services. We look forward to a long and healthy working relationship with you!

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We thank you for your survey response and appreciate your input.

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