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What is a Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluation?


With the recent ratification of Senate Bill 300 and House Bill 436, there has been a lot of talk about pre-employment psychological evaluations, also referred to as Psychological Screening Examinations or Post-Conditional Offer Psych Evals. With these evaluation requirements taking effect in January 2022, we thought it best to provide definitions and detail:

Psychological Screening Examination – Determined by responsible psychologist and professional ethics and guidelines. “More than psychological testing, it requires that test scores be interpreted in the context of other information gathered from interviews, observations of behavior, reviews of psychological and other relevant records, as well as information provided by third parties” (Peace Officer Psychological Screening Manual, 2018).

Examination – In mental examinations, the examiner has an affirmative duty to personally examine the examinee – McLean. Sale, 54 N.C. App. 538 (1981).

Clinical Interview – The interview is used to integrate information from testing and background by:

  • “Clarifying issues identified in the background report; in particular, distinguishing behavioral patterns and trends from isolated incidents of little, if any, psychological relevance;
  • Clarifying and reconciling discrepancies or inconsistencies in information obtained in written test results, the background investigation and other life-history information, detection-of-deception results, and medical findings; and 
  • Verifying or disconfirming hypotheses regarding the candidate’s mental/emotional condition or maladaptive behaviors suggested by these other information sources” (CA POST, 2014).

Suitability – Much more than the absence of psychopathology, it includes traits and competencies for the Essential Job Functions and roles for the particular safety-sensitive position. 


Elizabeth Morris, M.A.


Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 1011

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FMRT Updates

We are Here to Help!

FMRT has the precise combination of qualifications, cultural awareness, and experience essential to meet Senate Bill 300 and House Bill 436, making us the clear choice for departments seeking to hire and retain personnel who hold positions of authority.
Contact our Client Support Supervisor, Kaci Presgraves 336.761.0764 extension 1017, or email Kaci@fmrt.org

Operation Mental Wellness

FMRT is developing a comprehensive Whole-Person Wellness and Resiliency program that will be available to all departments. Research is clear that resilient employees report higher job satisfaction, are better able to manage stress, have fewer sick days, less likely to report burnout, and rebound more quickly after traumatic events.
For more information about the program contact elizabeth@fmrt.org

Questions About the Vaccine?

FMRT advocates for both your mental health and your physical health. As more agencies push for vaccine mandates, we want to share information to help guide your decision. To read more, click here.

New Client Employers

We want to welcome our newest South Carolina clients: Greenville FD, Furman University PD, and Lancaster PD for their trust and confidence in our professional services. We look forward to learning from each of you and developing a long-standing relationship.

New Charlotte Location

All FMRT appointments scheduled in Charlotte will be seen in our new Charlotte location:
6419 Bannington Road, Suite A Charlotte, NC 28226-1341

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