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We’ve partnered with The Salvation Army this year for a Christmas Toy Drive – Sharing with The Shield! Bring or ship new, unopened toys for children ages birth-2 years and 9-12 years to FMRT Offices located in Asheville, Charlotte, Greenville, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem by December 14th!  Lend a hand in ‘Sharing with The Shield’ this holiday season!

Enhancing Wellness and Resiliency in Your Department

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INSIGHTS FROM OUR CEO Maintaining wellness is important, but to understand why, one must understand its link to health​. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being & not merely the absence of disease of infirmity.”​ Having “good health” is not just that an individual does not have a disease or an illness […]

Psychological Evaluations and Cost – What are you paying for?  

INSIGHTS FROM OUR CEO Our commitment to delivering comprehensive and high-quality evaluations is reflected in our processes and thorough reports. We believe in the principle that “you get what you pay for,” and our highest costs are a direct result of our specialized expertise, extensive training, and the time invested by our police and public […]

Why Evaluate Lateral Transfers 

INSIGHTS FROM OUR CEO The short answer is that they will be your employee. Hiring someone from another department has many benefits, including experience in the field. These individuals are certified, familiar with a public safety professional’s job functionalities, and most likely up-to-date on the required training, which saves departments money.  While there are several benefits, there […]

Readiness: New Year Resolutions

INSIGHTS FROM OUR CEO Are you thinking about diving into some New Year’s goals for 2024? Well, you’re not alone. Striving toward and successfully reaching goals have long been considered essential aspects of human well-being (Oscarsson et al., 2020). Over half of us are resolution-makers, but only half of those folks are actually successful in […]

Scheduling Critical Incident Appointments 

Knowledge is Power

INSIGHTS FROM OUR CEO The FMRT Group listens to our clients, and we learn from your personnel. We understand the demanding nature of public safety work and its toll on individuals’ personal lives. To ensure officers can prioritize their personal well-being following critical incidents, we respectfully recommend that these appointments be scheduled during their on-duty hours. By […]

Reflection and Important Information to Share 

Did you know? FMRT Not Only Helps With Pre-Hire Services

INSIGHTS FROM OUR CEO I and FMRT’s Client Coordinator, Allison, and Intern Izak recently attended the NC Chapter FBI-NAA Summer Conference. Izak and Allison had the opportunity to see the dedication to leadership displayed by the members, which I’m honored to experience every year.  One of the conference’s most impactful sessions was led by Chief […]

Why You Shouldn’t Share Evaluation Findings with Applicants

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INSIGHTS FROM OUR CEO Whether you’re referring a candidate for a pre-employment, fitness for duty, or another type of evaluation that provides a recommendation, it is important to keep the information private from the individual. WHY? These are work-related evaluations for you, the employer, and the final decision-maker.  Informing applicants of their suitability, specifically that […]

The Importance of Critical Incident Appointments with an FMRT Psychologist

INSIGHTS FROM OUR CEO Critical incidents, such as shootings, accidents, and other traumatic events, are common in public safety and can profoundly impact the mental and physical health of the persons involved. FMRT is here to help! Leaders must continue to prioritize the mental health of their officers and provide them with the necessary support […]

FMRT Not Only Helps With Pre-Hire Services

Did you know? FMRT Not Only Helps With Pre-Hire Services

INSIGHTS FROM OUR CEO Many agencies we support don’t know that we offer services beyond the hiring process. Please reach out if these offerings are needed in your department: FY24 pricing for all referral types (clients with contracts disregard): Pre-Hire Psychological and Medical Services Price List  Post-Hire Psychological and Medical Services Price List You may […]

FMRT Offerings and updates

INSIGHTS FROM OUR CEO July has been a busy month for everyone. We celebrated our Independence at the beginning of the month for our nation, and FMRT finished the month by attending the NC Sheriff’s Association in Asheville, NC, and the NC Police Executives Association in Wilmington, NC.   We are known for providing a one-stop […]

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