Commonly asked questions and answers about FMRT services.

Does FMRT recommend that pre-employment psychological evaluations be conducted with current employees?

No. By definition persons already employed do not receive pre-employment evaluations. However, evaluations that address employees’ job suitability and essential job function-competence may be conducted provided that no “class” (age, gender, race) of employee is singled out for suitability evaluation.

What does a suitability evaluation of existing employees entail?

A suitability evaluation of existing employees includes: Review of essential job functions/job description, assessment of cognitive (thinking) skills, writing skills assessment, assessment of normal and clinical personality factors, assessment of biographical data (BRAINS, POQ), and interview with psychologist including structured mental status examination, and structured and unstructured interview.

What conclusions or findings may be expected from a suitability evaluation?

Summary conclusions are supported by the complete text of the final report, and include:
– Suitable, low risk for employment problems;
– Review suitability, moderate risk for employment problems; and
– Review suitability, high risk for employment problems.

Should a suitability evaluation be conducted with employees experiencing job-related difficulties?

No. If an employee is experiencing job-related difficulties believed to be due to cognitive, emotional, substance, behavioral, or similar issues then a fitness for duty evaluation of the particular employee is the appropriate evaluation unless the job-related difficulties clearly rise to the level of job termination.

My applicant was found Not Suitable for his/her annual psych evaluation. How long do we need to wait before re-evaluating this applicant?

The time-frame for re-evaluation would best be determined by the factors in determining the Not Suitable finding and if there were something temporary or longstanding. In most cases, a re-evaluation can be done in 60-90 days by a different doctor. Please contact our office for more information.

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