Employment Medical Services

Our medical exams are performed by clinicians who understand safety-sensitive needs. Examiners review your specific job functions and relay any potential medical barriers that may preclude an applicant from employment based on state and industry guidelines.  
Medical results are summarized in a comprehensive online report, accompanied by any required state forms. Medical exams include a 5-panel drug screen and tuberculosis skin testing if warranted, based on the responses on the applicant’s tuberculosis risk questionnaire.

Our medical professionals will review medical history. Any questions or concerns will be addressed with the applicant during the evaluation. The medical examination will consist of:
Urinalysis, chain-of-custody urine drug screening
TB skin test (if warranted)
Audiometry reading
Spirometry (pulmonary functioning)
Wellness assessment
Completion of any required medical reports
After the examination:
The medical professional and clinical psychologist will discuss their findings, if necessaryWithin five-to-seven business days, FMRT will deliver the final post-conditional offer medical report via secure website, www.fmrtonline.com. Each department has its own unique login information.

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