How to Schedule

Pre-hire services can be scheduled once the conditional offer of employment has been extended. Post-hire appointments can be made at any time after employment.

The applicant or employee will be scheduled the week of your call, or no later than the following week. Appointments will include time for pre-hire applicants to complete their online assessments.

CALL 866.761.0764 to schedule

In Person

Applicants can be seen at any of our eight offices across North and South Carolina. As an additional option, depending on your needs and volume, a trained doctoral-level psychologist from The FMRT Group could come to your office to conduct one-on-one clinical interviews.


As an added convenience, The FMRT Group also offers a telepsych (online clinical interview) in addition to our in-person option. Telepsych is easy to set up and convenient for your applicants.

Materials Needed:

  • Computer with enabled webcam, audio capabilities, and a stable internet connection that will support video streaming
  • Private room to perform the evaluation (this cannot be a computer lab, unless you designate that no one else may use it while evaluations are in progress)
  • Software – The FMRT Group will provide the necessary software. There is no additional charge for this product.
  • Proctor – You will need someone to check I.D. (government issued) and administer the Shipley IQ Test. We will provide detailed instructions.

Once you have all the necessary materials, The FMRT Group will arrange a teleconference training with your agency to test the equipment and software to ensure you are comfortable with the process. At any time during an evaluation you need help, you can simply call us.

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