In 2005, we recognized a growing need for pre-hire and post-hire psychological and medical services among North Carolina public safety departments. We saw an opportunity to help streamline the hiring and post-hire needs for these departments, and The FMRT Group began.

Today, The FMRT Group includes a multi-disciplined staff and licensed doctoral-level psychologists, overseen by a board-certified police and public safety psychologist,  along with advanced practice medical professionals who proudly serve safety-sensitive employers.

Management Team Members (left to right): Jennifer Tharpe (CFO), Dr. John Warren (President), and Elizabeth Morris (CEO).


To set the standards for safety-sensitive employers when it comes to assessing psychological and medical suitability.


The FMRT Group seeks to provide its clients with the ability to make the most informed hiring decision possible, and to maximize their human capital investment post hire. Through a combination of providing world class psychological services, of having deep industry knowledge and cultural awareness, and through constant learning, The FMRT Group will deliver safety-sensitive employers unmatched levels of service, information, and support. This will make The FMRT Group the clear choice when employers seek to hire and retain personnel that hold a position of authority.

The FMRT Group managment team

Dr. John F. Warren, Ph.D., ABPP, PA-C

Email: drwarren@fmrt.org 

  • Point of contact for psychological and medical secondary opinion
  • Licensed Psychologist and Certified Physician’s Assistant
  • Board Certified Specialist (ABPP) in Police and Public Safety Psychology
  • Board Certified Specialist (ABPP) in Forensic Psychology

Elizabeth Morris, M.A.
Chief Executive Officer

Email: elizabeth@fmrt.org   Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 11

  • Point of contact for prospective agencies
  • Prepares contract proposals
  • Cultivates relationships with new agencies
  • Maintains current agency relationships
  • Organizes training seminars
  • Responsible for overall business management and decisions

Jennifer Tharpe, M.A.
Chief Financial Officer

Email: jennifer@fmrt.org    Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 20

  • Manages budgeting and prices
  • Prepares and revises agency contracts
  • Oversees bookkeeping
  • Responsible for overall business management and decisions

The FMRT Group Operational Staff

Carrisa Nelson
Chief Operating Officer

Email: carrisa@fmrt.org   Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 25

  • Manages all operational procedures and support
  • Supervises operational staff managers 
  • Ensures all client agency processes are followed correctly
  • Oversees client agency support
  • Directly supports management team members

Haley gingles
director of marketing & communications

Email: haley@fmrt.org   Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 15

  • Provides marketing strategy to management team
  • Develops and maintains relationships with marketing vendors
  • Creates and maintains digital and social media marketing
  • Responsible for  development of marketing collateral 

Holly Lloyd
Communications & Operations Manager

Email: holly@fmrt.org   Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 24

  • Ensures all staff are following procedures and protocols
  • Logistics and planning for company conference attendance
  • Works with Director of Marketing & Communications to provide strong brand base for the company
  • Works with COO to ensure operational procedures are efficient

Amanda Hopkins
operations manager

Email: amanda@fmrt.org   Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 28

  • Supervises operational staff members and day-to-day operations
  • Supervises onboarding process of new clinicians
  • Coordinates clinicians’ schedules
  • Oversees state-wide scheduling procedures 

Rebecca Kepley
Business Services Manager

Email: rebecca@fmrt.org   Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 14

  • Point of contact for new and potential client agencies
  • Directly assists the CEO with new agency outreach
  • Organizes meetings and materials for potential client agencies
  • Point of contact for conference attendance and client agency trainings

Tara Realbuto
Executive Assistant & Intern Facilitator

Email: tara@fmrt.org   Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 12

  • Point of contact for management team meetings and business requests
  • Directly supports the CEO and overall company business
  • Supports the CEO with scheduled trainings and agency meetings
  • Oversees intern onboarding

delonica rogers
executive operations assistant

Email: delonica@fmrt.org  Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 27

  • Directly supports COO
  • Point of contact for Peer Support Training program
  • Tracks, maintains and reviews daily/weekly operational data

Dana Dalton
Accounting Clerk

Email: dana@fmrt.org   Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 106

  • Point of contact for billing,  invoices and payments inquiries 
  • Responsible for all bookkeeping
  • Manages bills and expenses
  • Reconciles accounts

stacy simmons
administrative assistant

Email: stacy@fmrt.org   Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 16

  • Manages appointment check-ins
  • First point of contact for main phone line
  • Provides adminstrative support to staff

Jenna Kelly
Public Safety Coordinator

Email: jenna@fmrt.org   Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 10

  • Point of contact for public safety candidate evaluation preparation and scheduling
  • Point of contact for all public safety verbal findings

kaci presgraves
assistant Public Safety Coordinator

Email: kaci@fmrt.org   Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 17

  • Point of contact for public safety candidate evaluation preparation and scheduling
  • Directly supports Public Safety Coordinator
  • Assists with scheduling evaluations

Taylor doomy
senior Corrections Coordinator

Email: taylor@fmrt.org   Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 30

  • Point of contact for pending applicant information
  • Prepares needed assessments prior to appointments
  • Delivers verbal recommendations  

ana paterson
Corrections Coordinator

Email: ana@fmrt.org   Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 35

  • Point of contact for corrections evaluation scheduling
  • Prepares applicants for appointment
  • Prepares scheduling tracking data monthly

Evan Warren
Screening Reports Coordinator

Email: evan@fmrt.org   Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 40

  • Point of contact for screening report inquiries 
  • Organizes appropriate assessments specific to agency
  • Ensures screening reports are delivered to agency on time
  • Communicates with agencies regarding pending applicants
  • Reviews reports for accuracy

Donna Emmary
Psychological Reports Coordinator

Email: donna@fmrt.org   Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 45

  • Point of contact for psychological report status inquiries 
  • Reviews psychological reports
  • Ensures the information in each report is consistent and accurate
  • Sends the approved report to agency

lynn turner
medical Reports Coordinator

Email: lynn@fmrt.org   Phone: 336-761-0764 ext. 60

  • Point of contact for medical reports/status updates for Cary, Charlotte, Greenville and Winston-Salem evaluations.
  • Reviews reports and forms for accuracy and consistency
  • Sends the approved report to agency

clinical & medical team